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Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax tips to help you understand your small business finances.
sales tax

What is Sales Tax and Why is It Important?

Accounting and Bookkeeping difference

Bookkeeper – Job Description and Responsibilities


How Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

population growth

How Population Trends Affect Your Business

bank reconciliation

The Importance of Bank Reconciliation for your Business

business loan

SBA Loan vs Conventional Business Loan

payroll service provider

Why is Hiring a Payroll Service Provider Important?

business organization

The Importance of Business Organization for Entrepreneurs

profit and loss statement

How to Read and Understand a Profit and Loss Statement

how business owners get paid

How Business Owners Get Paid

how the internet has transformed business

How the Internet has Transformed the Way We Do Business


How Meditation Helps You Succeed


How Alexa Will Transform Digital Marketing

health and wellness

Health and Wellness is Important for the Success of Your Business

fund your business

Ways to Fund Your Business

Accounting and Bookkeeping difference

Difference Between Accounting and Bookkeeping


Cryptocurrency and Taxes: Everything You Need to Know

ignoring bookkeeping

The Consequences of Ignoring Bookkeeping

business plan

How to Avoid Common Startup Business Mistakes

business ownership

Business Ownership

quarterly business reviews

Benefits of Quarterly Business Reviews

America help me

America Help Me


Accounting and Its Changes in 2021

warrior mindset

Warrior Mindset: Making You a Better Business Owner and Leader

business plan

5 Reasons You Need a Business Plan