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Swiftbooks strives on providing our clients with the Best Accounting Services in Miami throughout all departments.

 Every partnership we have is to help YOU fulfill all your accounting needs.

The Lending Platforms


Mission Statement

The Lending Platform has created a proactive lending process matched together with the liaison services to improve the overall impact to the borrower. We have accomplished this by increasing our workload and reducing the borrowers involvement to make the lending process a more pleasant experience.



The Lending Platform Products:

1. Home Purchase Loans

2. Commercial Purchase Loans

3. Business Loans

4. Hard-Equity Loans

OnlineTaxesInc (OTI)


Mission Statement

The tax process is outdated and is not in line with the business goals that matter. That’s why here at OnlineTaxes we focus on real world uses and compliance to create a complete solution based product for all that your company needs.



OnlineTaxesInc Products:

1. Business Taxes

2. Personal Taxes



Mission Statement

During hard academic times, some of us make mistakes or go through unfortunate situations. That’s why here at DebtDelete we have created a system that allows you to create a new start to success.




DebtDelete Products

1. IRS Debt

2. SBA Debt

3. Treasury Debt