Why is Hiring a Payroll Service Provider Important?

payroll service provider

Why is Hiring a Payroll Service Provider Important?


Starting a new business can be very challenging to most people, especially if they do not have any prior experience in running and managing one. A business has a lot of moving parts that need to be focused on. One of which is payroll. It may sound easy but this task is definitely daunting. The good thing is, you need not do it yourself. You can hire a payroll service provider to take care of this for you instead.

What is a payroll service provider?

Just like the name suggests, a payroll service provider is a company that works with employers to ensure that all the employees are paid on time and that all of the employer’s legal obligations are met on time.

These companies focus on payroll and human resources responsibilities. In turn, they allow business leaders and employers to focus their time, energy, and resources on other essential enterprise tasks instead of worrying about the logistics of paying individual employees.

On top of the small business’s payroll, the payroll service providers also handle a variety of other essential duties, including:

  • Monitoring employee work time and attendance
  • Setting up and managing all the adjustments made to the direct deposit accounts
  • Recording and calculating payroll taxes and ensuring all the required deductions are made
  • Integrating and managing third-party 401(k) and other benefits plans
  • Providing payroll records to the employees and employers
  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal laws that govern payrolls

Why should you consider hiring a payroll service provider?

Payroll affects nearly all the essential aspects of how a small business works – from employee morale to the company’s financial stability. Although you might think that your business is too small to benefit from the services of a payroll company, the truth is these services can add tremendous value to your enterprise. Here are some of the benefits you can reap from outsourcing payroll services.

  • Payroll services can help you digitize and implement transparency
  • Help you deal with everyday business challenges
  • Maximize your businesses ability to adapt to the ever-changing business environment
  • Help you boost your employee’s morale
  • They can offer to recruit support
  • Help you manage and maintain your employer’s compliance
  • Take care of payroll-related services, rules, and regulations
  • Minimize your tax bills

Investing in payroll services as early as possible helps you ensure that your small business functions robustly and also enables you to troubleshoot some of the potential challenges that might arise in the future.

How a Payroll Service Provider Might be Instrumental to the Success of Your  Business

Implementing transparency and reputation

In the modern business environment, payroll functionality has evolved to a point where companies employ Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). These systems allow employees to gain direct access to their work-related data online – this includes salary structures, company policies, monthly payslips, attendance and leave status, and a lot more.

Transitioning your business from the traditional manual Human Resources processes to automated systems – with the help of payroll service providers – helps develop a sense of accessibility and transparency.

Processing payrolls is a time-consuming task that typically involves critical documentation, utmost caution, and, most importantly, strict deadlines. When appropriately executed as required, it can go a long way in building the business’s reputation in terms of security and stability; this helps you attract prospective employees that might be instrumental in growing your business and retaining existing employees.

Helping your business deal with everyday challenges that may arise

Every business has challenges and obstacles. However, a great business leader usually plans for these prevalent challenges ahead of time; this ensures that enterprises can maneuver around the obstacles before they escalate to even more significant problems.

According to a survey carried out by Small Business Trends Alliance and Guidant Financial in 2020, 11% of small business owners cited payroll and other administrative duties as one of the main challenges in running their businesses. Another 13% mentioned time management as their most significant challenge.

Although payroll services might appear very straightforward at first glance, they are not always that easy – plus, they are incredibly time-consuming. Another viable way of dealing with payroll and administrative tasks is hiring and supervising in-house personnel to perform these functions. However, this is not always time- and cost-effective as working with third-party service providers – and especially for small businesses.

To help boost your employee’s morale

Payroll management has a significant impact on your employee’s morale. In small businesses, the employees usually have more meaningful insights into the company’s financial stability than in larger businesses. Late untimely payments may push the employees to start questioning the company’s financial integrity they work for. And when they start feeling insecure about the financial situation of their employer, they will underperform, care less about their job, and maybe even start hunting for better opportunities elsewhere. Employers should always pay payroll in a consistent, timely manner to keep the employees motivated at all times.

Payroll also allows the employee to gauge the value within the small business. Their total compensations – including salary, bonuses, and benefits – are usually summed up in monthly payroll. These compensations help employees gauge their value to the company – and the more valued they feel, the higher their output will be.

Maximize your business’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing business environment

The more a company can quickly adapt to changing business conditions, the more likely it will survive to expand to bigger and better fortunes. If the business can capitalize on arising positive changes, the small business will grow exponentially. If you can minimize all the negative impacts, the less you’ll suffer from any negative changes that may arise. And this is where payroll service providers come in.

Payroll service providers always help small businesses to be ready to adapt to arising changes. They allow you to rapidly scale up on your number of employees when you need to and process their payroll seamlessly and effectively. If the situation gets rough, payroll services can also help you downscale your payroll effectively, helping you save on precious resources.

They can offer recruitment services

Recruiting employees is another time- and money-consuming process that can be pretty challenging for many small business owners. According to statistics, most companies usually spend up to a month and a half trying to hire employees and spend more than $4,000 – which is quite expensive for any business to scale up their operations. This is why many companies will opt to hire a staffing agency to help them with the process.

Payroll services can help streamline the recruiting process by performing a wide range of support tasks, including background checks that help increase the prospect of making suitable hires.

Help you manage and maintain employer compliance
An experienced payroll service provider, like SwiftBooks, not only offers payroll services but also helps you maintain employer compliance – ensuring you are always on the safe side with the law. Corporate compliance is designed to prevent any violation of codes, laws, standards, rules, and regulations.

Your small business needs to comply with all applicable state and federal regulations, codes, laws, and standards. Some of these include Equal Employment Opportunity Commission standards, safety and inspection standards, and so on.

Payroll service providers help you remain compliant with all these laws, standards, rules, and regulations.

Minimize your tax bills

As a small business owner, you should ensure that all your employees correctly fill out the W-4 withholding forms. The information collected on these forms is used to withhold personal taxes for your employees.

As an essential element of the payroll, payroll service providers ensure that all the employees fill out the forms as required – this usually helps reduce state and federal taxes for your business. Payroll companies also provide that your business is withholding the correct yearly amount of FICA taxes from payroll.


Payroll is an essential aspect of any business’s operations. The state and federal governments require business owners always to remain compliant with set wage and hour standards to ensure that the employees are paid accordingly and on time. The state department of revenue and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have stipulated employment tax requirements that all business owners must comply with – and failure to do so results in fines and other legal consequences.

All the factors mentioned above play an important role in why payrolls should be very precise; this is why you should consider employing the services of an experienced payroll service provider. Hiring a payroll service provider will allow you to focus on the more pressing issues of running your business.

If you are looking for a reliable payroll provider to help you manage and scale up your operations, one of the most trusted companies you can turn to in Florida is Swiftbooks, LLC. Contact us at swiftbooks.com or call 786-204-2881 for consultation or to request a free quote. Our experienced, friendly team will be more than ready to offer you all the support you need.

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